Engr. Dodong Gasatan presented their project road network with 385.431 kms of provincial road concreted with the development fund for 2019.

There are also 10 public hospitals being upgraded and in construction, 23 school buildings with 35 classrooms and 10 other public facilities under the office of the Provincial Engineer.

Governor Yap is thankful with the office’s report and assured that he will study the report very carefully and will synchronize the engineering plan for the roads as it is very important for tourism.

With this Gov. Yap posed a question to all the employees, “Are you happy with the way the government serves you?”

He said that the single reason why we are not happy because of technology as we belong to the Me Now generation.

The governor left with a thought from a top consulting company and that is to have the private public partnership and triple bottomline businesses. We have to have make money but also to have social goals and environmental goals. You just don’t do business but do good.

“The government’s role pivots from chief provider and administrator of services to enablers”, Yap said. He added that the most successful governments build platforms and hold partners accountable. He also said that we have to open and create the environment and enable others to help solve the problem.

Board Member Victor Balite, Board Member Ricky Masamayor, Board Member Aldner Damalerio, Elpidio Bonita, Board Member Lucille Lagunay, different department heads and employees were present.