New norms in economy, healthcare, attitude and lifestyle are expected to next define Bohol the Boholanos after COVID-19 scare shall have passed.

Still even fighting their own fear, Gov. Arthur Yap and and business community members today sat down and sketched the transition path to the “era of a new normal.

“The governor also met with the mayors at the Capitol.The transition is foreseen to begin when the COVID-19 will wane and Bohol will gradually “reopen but through new, different doors.

“The meeting viewed a local economy that should no longer be largely dependent on tourism.Agriculture and micro, small and medium enterprises were cited hopefully to offer a more inclusive growth.

Yap convened the business sector, which included the transport industry, to discuss in general the status of the province while the country stays under human viral scourge.

He consulted the group for suggestions on how the essential private sector can do hand in hand with the government to restart the local economy when the time comes.

The Bohol Medical Society proposed a number of health protocols and measures that will be observed by business establishments when they will be allowed to reopen or operate regularly again.

While there is no decision yet on the re-opening of businesses affected by the closure order as part of the preventive measures, the provincial government is finding ways of stimulus packages.

If businesses which have been closed will be allowed to reopen, there will definitely be a new norm in their operation, it was stressed in the conference.

It will no longer be business as usual, but the metamorphosis of “unusual” business into its time.

And it will be true to almost all facets of lives and human interplays, courtesy of the life-expensive, worst, and most widespread singular modifier of change in recent memory—the COVID-19. (Ven rebo Arigo /With newsfeeds from Annie Marie Uy / Photos, Ken Styles)