Gov. Art Yap makes sure no one, not those in the island barangays Hingotanan East, Hingotanan West, and Maomawan in the town of Bien Unido, would feel alone in this fight against Covid.

Accompanied by Bien Unido Mayor Borenaga, Second District BM Frans Garcia and OPSWD Head Carmelita Tecson, Gov. Art Yap met the people of barangays Hingotanan East (led by Village Head Pantaleon Mabalatan) and Hingotanan West (led by Village Head Felix mangaron) on the shores of Hingotanan East, and the people of Maomawan (led by Village Head Bernardita Pagal) on the shores of the island (owing to the necessity of physical distancing) this noon.

Yesterday, the governor sent a team from the OPSWD to deliver food packs for the 424 households in Maomawan, 580 households in Hingotanan East, and 430 households in Hingotanan West.