Willy Ramasola was arrested for a case filed against him by HNU and not for being ruthlessly and maliciously critical to the present provincial administration.

The case was filed by HNU after he posted an article hitting the pre-election Bohol Poll conducted by HNU to be allegedly rigged and, thus, a bogus survey. In that survey, Ramasola’s candidate for governor scored low.

By insinuating that the warrant of arrest was issued due to the influence of the governor, it is also questioning the integrity of the judge who issued the warrant.

The governor cannot intervene or interfere with any matters of the court as it is prohibited under our laws. Claiming otherwise is slanting the truth and fact.

It is wrong and misleading to say that Ramasola was arrested “a week after he exposed alleged anomalies at the Capitol.”

Ramasola had been lambasting and accusing the Capitol even long before COVID-19 and not a single count of cyberlibel was even filed then.

There is no denying that Ramasola has been a rabid critic of the Yap administration, but his attacks to the Capitol has no relation to the court’s action against him for the cyberlibel case filed by the educational institution.

His fight is not a fight of the Boholanos. He alone committed the alleged violation as charged when he attacked the very institution that produced Boholano professionals, including himself.

The wheels of justice are moving with the Lady Justice blindfolded. She sees no one or any power. No matter how powerful can one be, no matter who that person is, when the law is violated, one must face its consequence. No one is above the law.

As I myself have been through a litany of libel charges, it is personal wisdom and maturity as a responsible citizen to start learning from the legal maxim “Sic utere tou ut alienum non laedas.” Use your rights so as not to injure the rights of others.

This, as we are also guided by the due process that one is presumed innocent unless otherwise proven guilty.(Ven rebo Arigo)